Before and after pond treatment using IC

How to use IC

IC can be poured or sprayed directly into water. Additionally, no mixing or agitation is required because IC is self-dispersing. One litre of IC will treat 60,000-600,000 litres of water depending on the water conditions and the amount of active microorganisms present.

PuraFi-420 application quidelines

To calculate how many litres of IC is required to treat a given volume at a desired ppm use this formula:

Volume of water to be treated (L) / Amount 1liter of IC will treat(from above table)


Volume of IC required (in liters)

Example: If a pond with a volume of 120,000 litres has an ongoing bacterial or algal infestation then the desired treatment level would be 1 ppm. Therefore, 2 litres of IC would be needed. However, if a treatment level of 0.1 ppm is desired as a preventive measure, then 0.2 litres of IC would be needed in the same volume of water.

Measuring Copper content

Copper content should be measured before, and periodically after, treatments to identify the correct dosage needed to either prevent or kill existing microorganisms like algae and bacteria. After application, the level of active copper ions will gradually decrease over time as the product is absorbed by algae, bacteria or organic matter. Monitor weekly and apply product as needed to ensure total dissolved copper levels reach the recommended 0.3-0.5 ppm for water. This will keep micro-organism from re-emerging.

We offer electronic copper meters and test strips to easily and accurately measure copper content.

N.B. The death of bacteria and algae can cause oxygen depletion which is of special concern for aquatic life and fish bearing waters. There are simple precautions to avoid this issue.

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