Lakes & reservoirs

Excessive algae growth and cyanobacteria bloom can be unsightly and smelly, deoxygenating water and producing toxins that threaten fish life, human health, ecosystem function and recreational activities in lakes or ponds. IC is a bacteriostatic algaecide based on our proprietary ionic cupric copper technology. It is designed to alleviate harmful algal blooms (HABs), bacteria and odour problems in ponds. IC helps to restore ecological balance by targeting only bad organisms. Safe for the environment, easy to apply and cost-effective, it is quickly becoming the preferred choice for treating water reservoirs, ponds, canals, irrigation water and water tanks.

Ionic Copper (IC) will contain and control quagga and zebra mussels from areas where they are already established. For reservoirs or small lakes where adult mussels have infested the bottom and shoreline, IC, can be spread at the surface or be pumped down to the sites of worst infestation. The application does not require any specialized equipment because IC disperses quickly and rapidly throughout the treated areas to a uniform concentration.

Unlike traditional copper-sulphate and chlorine-based water treatment products, the ionized cupric copper formulation in IC remains biologically active until used up by algae and bacteria. Only small amounts are needed to provide long-term proactive and remedial control of algae and bacteria outbreaks. These unique characteristics significantly extend the periods between treatments when compared to competitive products.

Use IC to:

Control algae, cyanobacteria blooms within 24-48 hours.

Quickly resolve odour issues and offers long-lasting protection.

Self-disperse evenly and requires no mechanical mixing.

Work in water with varying pH (pH3-pH9) levels and alkalinity (25-100 mg C03/L).

Treat fish-bearing waters.

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