Reduce odour, limit noxious gases, and prevent manure from solidifying.

Sanitise livestock drinking water against bacteria, algae and moulds. Prevent the accumulation of biofilm in water lines. Inhibits anaerobic bacteria in manure which reduces H2S production and foul odour, enables more efficient composting. Effective & Safe Solution for waterborne livestock diseases and viruses including SWINE FEVER VIRUS (SFV) and PORCINE CIRCOVIRUS (PCV2).

Working with farm manure comes with a host of challenges: noxious gas, manure solidification and excessive odour.

IC is an economical, easy-to-apply, safe-to-handle, self-mixing product for treating waste water, municipal sewage and manure. It is especially effective in commercial and industrial settling lagoons and slurries that are problematic due to noxious odour-forming bacterial activity.

Using our unique ionic cupric copper technology, IC kills dangerous pathogens in manure. It suppresses the anaerobic bacteria that produce noxious gases, leaving more room for BOD/COD-reducing bacteria to thrive. This shift in bacterial processes results in significant reductions of hydrogen sulphate, methane and ammonia. It also eliminates odour and stops waste from solidifying. As a result, manure becomes easier and safer to handle and store.

Use IC to:

Limit noxious gases such as hydrogen sulphate, methane and ammonia

Lower Total Suspended Solids (TSS) and BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand)

Reduce odour

Kill pathogens like E. Coli

Stop separation of waste for better handling

Reduce fly infestations

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