Ionic Copper can be used to purify water infected with toxic algae and faecal coliform bacteria

Ionic Copper (IC) is administered at low PPM compared to conventional products (1ppm compared to 50ppm). It is effectively used in the event of a water crisis or contamination outbreak to safely purify drinking water. Furthermore, IC has a long shelf life and can be stored locally until an emergency arises.

Ionic Copper works to correct and prevent both aesthetic and toxic water issues stemming from biological contaminants in potable water systems. Used seasonally as prevention, it minimises downstream treatment costs, and also reduces reliance on costly solutions such as chlorine, flocculants and activated carbon. Ionic Copper is an environmentally sound alternative to solvents, chelates, sequestering agents and harmful synthetic chemicals because it does not biomagnify throughout the environment.

IC offers an efficient alternative resulting in a truly pleasing water experience. Used according to directions, IC is odourless and does not cause irritation. Offering year-round protection, it is easy and safe to use, cost effective and environmentally responsible.

In commercial use for over a decade, IC is proven effective in the control of algae, bacteria and the toxins they produce in any quantity of water. Ionic Copper simplifies maintenance while ensuring user safety.

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