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Agriculture is a water intensive industry requiring a constant, pollutant-free water supply to ensure maximum yields and healthy livestock. South Africa is a dry country and a consistent source of rain water cannot be counted upon. Agricultural wastewater treatment is essential to minimise soil pollution and degradation of farmlands. Ionic Copper enables recapture of the soil’s nitrogen rich runoff to be re-used as fertiliser and manure.

Additionally, Ionic Copper is a unique mineral-based foliar spray that offers superior performance at low doses to control and prevent fungal and bacterial plant diseases affecting plantation crops, greenhouses, nurseries, and fields.

IC is specifically formulated to control the diseases affecting plantation crops. Ionic Copper has been proven to successfully combat Black Sigatoka, Finger Rot and Moko fungi on bananas in South East Asia. IC is effective against a wide range of bacterial and fungal plant diseases. It can be used on a wide range of food crops, non-food crops, annuals & perennials, tropical foliage plants, potted flowering plants, shrubs, vines, trees and turf grasses. IC is suitable for commercial greenhouses, nurseries, and field applications.

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