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Power plants can use large volumes of water for cooling. Mussel veliger, algae and harmful bacterial infestations can be treated and prevented using Ionic Copper, ensuring that power production plants operate at maximum efficiency. To treat flowing water such as a pipeline, Ionic Copper can be applied at the intake structure using a conventional metering pump and dripping in a continuous dose, to keep all downstream locations free from colonisation by mussels. IC can also be used to treat boiler feed-water.

Use IC to achieve maximum life out of boilers, steam turbines, condensers, and pumps while reducing maintenance expenses, and maintaining optimal performance.

Cooling towers with electric generators require a consistent, reliable source of water that is cost-effective and sustainable.  Treatment of cooling water reduces corrosion in the cooling tower and blowdown systems. This extends the life of cooling equipment and cleaner water is discharged into the environment.

The choice of cooling tower water treatment technologies depends on factors such as raw feedwater quality, desired water quality and flow requirements. IC ensures a targeted and cost-effective solution. Power plant water treatment minimises corrosive deposits and extends the lifespan of plants, while also improving efficiency and reducing waste.

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