Healthier livestock and crops

Use Ionic Copper to:

  • Sanitize livestock drinking water against bacteria and molds.
  • Prevent biofilm buildup in water lines.
  • Prevent and treat Crop Mycosis.
  • Reduce moisture and malodor in droppings.
  • Improve growth rate and FCR in broilers livestock.
  • Manure treatment at 4 ppm inhibits anaerobic bacteria, and reduces Hydrogen sulfide production and odor.
  • Used during feed withdrawal before harvesting, reduces bacterial load in crop, i.e., Salmonella, E. coli. (part of HACCP in pathogen reduction in processing plant).
  • Effective & Safe Solution for SWINE FEVER VIRUS (SFV) Effective Treatment for PORCINE CIRCOVIRUS (PCV2)

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