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IC prevents and eliminates quagga and zebra mussels in golf course water features and all manner of irrigation systems, including drip irrigation and their emitters. IC controls and prevents noxious gases and foul odours. Our anti-microbial products are designed to help you increase yields, improve product quality, limit greenhouse gas emissions and reduce environmental impact of agricultural practices.

Source water used for irrigation is often the root cause of severe algae and bacteria issues like clogged irrigation lines, drip tubes and emitters. These issues can negatively affect productivity by causing serious maintenance and safety concerns, and increasing the risk of pest, pathogenic fungi and plant diseases.

Our revolutionary liquid copper-based algaecide, IC, solves this issue by preventing algae and bacteria outbreaks in greenhouse ponds, tanks, wells, reservoirs, and water distribution systems. Our unique ionic cupric copper formula enhances and protects plant growth. It does not negatively affect plant nutrients applied through irrigation systems and has the additional benefit of keeping lines and filters free of biofilm, slime, and mineral scaling. Eliminating pathogens is as simple as adding the product in the recommended dose to a greenhouse water source.

IC requires no costly capital investment and is simple to apply. Only small quantities are needed to provide long-term proactive and remedial control of algae and bacteria. Unlike competitors’ products, the copper ions remain biologically active, killing algae and bacteria until consumed by the target organism. This significantly extends the period between treatments.

Use IC to:

Provide superior algae and bacteria control and prevention

Provide long-term, proactive and remedial control of algae and bacteria outbreaks

Extend time between treatment periods

Keep lines, filters and nozzles free of biofilm, slime and mineral scaling

Enhance and protect plant growth and nutrient absorption

Help reduce overall maintenance costs

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